General FAQ’s

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Yes – Rainbow Security Systems use a modern External Siren, which contains warning LED’s which flash continuously. In the event of your alarm being activated, the audible 120-decibel External Siren will sound and a strobe light will illuminate to indicate that your alarm system is going off.

Yes – all our systems can be part set to meet your requirements, our Engineer will personalise your system on completion of installation and demonstrate its operation to you.

Yes – where possible all cables are hidden from sight by our experienced Engineers. If it is unavoidable and cables cannot be hidden they will fit the cable in a white plastic duct.

Alternatively a Wireless system can be installed and this will minimise the disruption to your property, these are very popular and are as effective as wired systems. They are compact and utilise advanced technology, which incorporates additional features not always found in a wired system. Wireless systems can be easily removed and refitted to a new property should you move house.

No – all our systems are fitted with standby batteries, which will maintain the system in the event of power loss.

Yes – a speech dialler can be fitted to most types of alarm system. This device is connected to your telephone line and dials a pre-programmed number in the event of an alarm activation. It will dial up to four numbers until it receives an acknowledgement. It can differentiate between the type of alarm condition i.e. Intruder activation or Personal attack or even fire if the smoke detectors form part of the alarm system.

Unlike other monitored systems you pay No Monthly Charges to a Monitoring Station. This system will contact you immediately there is an activation, enabling you to take the appropriate action. Some Wireless systems come complete with the speech dialler built in.

Yes, all our alarms have a built in Personal Attack facilities, which allow you to activate the alarm via the keypad at any time. Also a Panic Attack button will normally be fitted by the front door and additional Panic buttons can be fitted on request.

Yes – additional Keypads can be fitted in various locations for easy setting.

Yes – Rainbow Security Systems is recognised as a NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Approved Company. Our alarm systems are installed to the highest level of business excellence. On completion of the installation you will receive a Certificate of Compliance, which is recognised by leading Insurance companies.

Rainbow Security Systems provide a one-year unconditional guarantee, a maintenance agreement is also available to provide ongoing service to the system. Our Engineers are available 24/7 to offer advice or assistance in the event of a malfunction.

All domestic Alarm systems should be serviced annually to maintain it in good working order. A regular service will help to prevent false activations and this is a requirement of most home Insurance policies.

Commercial Alarm Systems on Police response should be serviced twice a year in line with current European Standards for monitored security systems.

Yes – a range of Pet Friendly detectors are available, these ignore pets up to a weight of 85 pounds and allow you to set the Alarm system without restricting their movement.

Yes – a Dualtec PIR/Microwave combination movement detector can be installed. This detector requires both mediums to identify an object prior to activating the Alarm. This reduces the risk of false activations and is ideal for Garages with multiple entry points.

Alternatively an industrial type contact can be installed to the entry point, which will activate when the door is opened. This type of sensor is ideal if you have only one point of entry.

Each device can be fitted to both attached and detached Garages, either by a cabled or Radio wireless link.