Security Systems

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Domestic Intruder Alarms

The equipment we install is carefully selected from a range of products supplied by a leading UK based manufacturer to enable us to meet your requirements for high reliability and design.

Domestic CCTV Systems

As a company we have built on our experience installing domestic CCTV and have attained an extremely high level of customer satisfaction with the professional way we install cabling and cameras to a domestic property.

Commercial Intruder Alarms

Our wireless alarms are fitted with a communicator as standard which, if connected to your standard telephone line (Filter may be required), will text up to 4 numbers of your choosing.

Commercial Access Control

Access Control Systems are used for additional security by allowing access only to authorised persons by means of Audible/visual interaction.

Commercial CCTV

Rainbow CCTV systems not only provide an excellent deterrent against theft and vandalism but are also be used for the purposes of Health and Safety.