Domestic CCTV Systems

The equipment we install is carefully selected from a range of products supplied by leading UK based manufacturers. This enable us to meet your requirements for design, quality and reliability.

Your installation will be carried out to a high standard by Rainbow Security Engineers and on completion they will demonstrate the system to ensure you are fully trained with its operation.

 Our CCTV systems include a minimum of:

  • 4 or 8 camera Network DVR (minimum 500gb Hard Drive) (Larger Available).
  • 1 – 8 External Eyeball Camera with IR Leds for Night Viewing
  • LCD Monitor 17” Minimum (as required).
  • All cables/connection PSU as required fully installed.
  • Technical assistance setting up remote access.

We have many years experience installing domestic CCTV systems and have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. This is due to the professional manner in which our engineers install the cables and cameras to a domestic property.

Video images are stored on a hard disk drive, which can hold several weeks (depending on Disk size) of recorded information for you to review. When the hard disk is full the system automatically overwrites the oldest data stored and therefore any activity history is maintained.

Monitor your CCTV system with “Rainbow Remote”

 Your CCTV system can be networked, this allows you to view the image on a tablet or mobile phone when you are not at home. The system can also be controlled remotely if you have a motorised camera fitted.

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