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Enforcer/Euro App Panel WIFI Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have inadvertently enabled the chime function this can be confirmed by the chime led being lit on panel.Press (double Chevron Vertical e.g )
Common cause for this is a power issue please check electrical circuits have not been tripped.
Panel is indicating loss of mains power which may have been from a power outage – press FUNC to acknowledge.
When your systems activates check which LED is lighting up i.e Alarm, Panic, Fire, Tamper.

If system shows Panic then the panic button usually located by the front door may be pushed down – Reset with panic button key.

If system shows Fire: Check to see which smoke detector has activated a small led should be illuminated on the detector.

Reset can be achieved by rotating the detector head anti clockwise and then back in to original position.

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